Prescription Request



Your prescription request will be processed within 2 working days unless you hear from us.  Your standard charge of $25 will apply, $37 for urgent scripts on the day. 

 Please note: Faxing has now become obsolete from 31st December 2020. We have a new system in place called Drinfo Re-Script which enables your GP to send your script electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. Your prescription will be left to collect at reception UNLESS you select a pharmacy, please indicate clearly which pharmacy you would like your script to be sent to when requesting your prescription. There is no extra charge for electronic transmission.. Once a pharmacy has been selected,  it cannot be easily changed and (extra charges will apply) 


Please type in the name of the medication, the dosage and quantity, and pharmacy (unless you wish to collect your prescription)


Special Controlled Medicines are not able to be sent via Drinfo Re-Script and will continue to be processed in the usual way.


Fields marked with a * are required.


For prescription requests only. Any other queries please phone the medical centre as usual.